Retail revenue comprises the fair value of the sale of goods and services to external customers, net of value added tax, rebates, promotions and returns. Revenue is recognised on the sale of goods when the significant risks and rewards of ownership of the goods have passed to the buyer and the amount of revenue can be measured reliably. Revenue on goods delivered is recognised when the customer accepts delivery and on services when those services have been rendered.

Car Servicing

Car Servicing revenue comprises the provision of servicing to external customers, net of value added tax, rebates and promotions. Revenue is recognised at the point at which those services have been rendered.

Promotions and Returns

The Group operates a variety of sales promotion schemes that give rise to goods and services being sold at a discount to standard retail price. Revenue is adjusted to show sales net of all related discounts. A provision for estimated returns is made representing the profit on goods sold during the year which are expected to be returned and refunded after the year end based on past experience. Revenue is reduced by the value of sales returns provided for during the year.